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Park Smarts For Kids - Supported By Kulabrands - A Great Addition To Any Online Marketing Portfolio

Updated: May 8, 2020

National Park Smarts For Kids Activity Books

Park Smarts for Kids is a series of compelling, engaging, educational and fun activity books and board games which are centred around America's National Parks and Monuments.

They are designed for children aged 4+ and are packed with 30 pages of puzzles and coloring to educate kids in a fun and interesting way.

And they are not just for kids, adults love this series, too! Color pictures, solve puzzles, and connect the dots. Search and find objects that you may see at the different parks.

You can buy it here

Park Smarts For Kids - Oh Canada

Park Smarts For Kids books are fun for ages 4+. Children love to explore the coloring pages and solve the puzzles. Adults enjoy helping the children learn more about Canada's National Parks.

You can buy it here

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