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NYA Marquez- A Kulabrands Supported Artist - An Amazing Addition To Any Online Marketing Portfolio

Updated: May 8, 2020

Have you ever wondered how you could get involved in supporting start up businesses, brands, products and artists? Without being a business angel or an investor and putting in hundreds or thousands of pounds.

I am absolutely passionate about helping artists to get their products out into the marketplace. It can be a difficult route getting the exposure that you need and building a brand takes money, time and commitment.

Fortunately there is a community of people who take on this challenge and with a little online marketing they help turn dreams into realities and ideas into tangible products (and make themselves a little extra cash while they do it!)

So, that being said, I'd like to introduce you all to Nya Marquez.

Nya is an incredible artist, songwriter and singer and has just signed with Melt Music and Media Agency.

Nya has been described as a once in a generation talent and with her sunny personality and commitment to battle against bullying she is spreading a light round the world.

I look forward to watching her journey and seeing her develop.

Good Luck Nya!

NYA Crush CD - Be one of the first to receive your very own copy of Nya's Crush CD! Songs Include: Crush I Think We're Alone Now (Ft. Tiffany) Over NTYNTO Gimme The Beat Dance Say You Love Me Too Truth Still Standing Living It Up.

Available to purchase here

NYA Merch T-Shirts - Be one of the first to receive your very own Nya Merchandise from her newly released album, Crush! T-shirts come in Men and Ladies versions with 3 different designs and sizes from S-2XL. Available to purchase here

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