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Kulabrands - Online Business With A Surprising Twist!

Updated: Jan 30

The world is an exciting place for those that dare to dream. Entrepreneurs, inventors and creators are (usually!) not prepared to settle for a hum drum life. They baulk at the idea of maintaining the status quo and "following the norm" just isn't an option. There's so much more out there for those that believe in the magic of thinking big!

It's a life dedicated to conjuring up the next “Million Dollar Idea”, of finding creative ways to turn dreams into realities and pushing boundaries to make life just that little bit better.

Which idea will be the one that takes the world by storm? To break into the market and turn a profit and more importantly how do we get ourselves involved and gain a piece of the pie?

If you've been exploring working online but haven't found anything that's right for you, then the opportunity I'm about to show you could change the way you view online business forever.

I'd like to take a minute to introduce you to Kulabrands

Kulabrands is a movement of passionate, inspired supporters who work hand in hand (from home) with entrepreneurs, inventors, and creatives to boost their brands, generate exposure and get their businesses off the ground and making money!

From concept to products ready to take the world stage, Kulabrands provide entrepreneurs with funding, brand creation, gap sales, marketing, and so much more.

You've seen other home based business and affiliate marketing companies out there but you have NEVER seen anything like this!

Using a rewards based royalty system, both our community AND the company succeed. Every startup faces the same challenges… Where will I get the money? How do I reach a global customer base? How or where do I get my products manufactured?

We help solve those challenges and help to put businesses on the path to success. Our business model is changing the way new ideas get to the market and our global community is just getting started.

How Do We Do It?

Everything we do to support our entrepreneurs starts with our community. We are NOT investors. We are a network of passionate people who provide a platform to kick start careers.

The idea is simple: Through simple one-time actions, we provide support and resources to growing businesses across the globe. HERE’S HOW:

Social Sourcing

Think crowdfunding without the guilt trip. When a new idea is ready to launch, our community members can pledge financial support by pre-purchasing the product, supporting its development, or helping the idea reach a financial goal.

Funding can be a huge hurdle for any new business, and the pressure of traditional fundraising can weigh heavy on any new business’ back. Our Social Sourcing for entrepreneurs lets the idea grow without constantly having to worry about traditional financing terms.

Social Promotion

Marketing is key to the growth of any new business, and there are a million ways to market an idea or product these days. Our community members can choose to champion an idea they believe in through the social media platforms they use everyday.

It’s great when you have a couple of marketing channels, but imagine how powerful it becomes when you have THOUSANDS of marketing channels working together to grow a company. We make sure the ideas we believe in are seen by as many people as possible.

Social Selling

Finding sales channels for an idea or product outside of selling them yourself can be a huge roadblock on the path to success. Our community can be a built-in retail network ready and willing to purchase or sell. Our members have the option to sell the ideas or products they believe in either online or face to face, giving our entrepreneurs a leg up where they might have otherwise been limited.

You choose the ideas you want to support, and you get access to the tools which will help boost your success. Start earning royalty points for you and your whole community within MINUTES of getting started!

If you love the idea and want to support artists, inventors, entrepreneurs and authors. If you want to earn lifetime royalties for simple one time actions.. If you want to earn commissions on sales you can check out our community here

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