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Cords Of Steel - A Kulabrands Supported Brand - A Great Product To Add To Your Affiliate Portfolio

Updated: May 8, 2020

Cords Of Steel

Charging your smartphone should be simple in today's world but often this isn't the case. To be fully prepared you need to get a charging cable that has multiple uses. This cord is the toughest, smartest, most versatile charging cord ever.

Cords Of Steel - The C Cord (6ft)

The C cord is a new 24 pin connector that certain newer phones require. You place an adapter on our 2 in 1 tip and make it a 3 in 1 tip. Our cord will charge iPhone/lightning and micro usb/android as it comes. When you put the adapter on it will charge C ports as well. We also sell a stand alone C cord as well.

You can buy it here

Cords Of Steel - The Right Angle

The Toughest, Smartest most Versatile charging cord ever made! Charge iPhone, Android, and any Micro USB Device on one single Charging head! The Worlds first all-metal Charging Cable for both Android and iPhone! Flexible Stainless Steel Cord, Zink Alloy Housings! Charge all your devices on one cord with no parts to change and no parts to lose! The World's First Flexible Steel Charging Cord with a single head that works with both APPLE and ANDROID plus 100'-s more Micro USB devices

You can buy it here

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