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Welcome to the Affiliate Offers Page of the Abundance Trail. This page provides a quick birds eye view of home based affiliate businesses that you can use to make money from home safely and profitably. 

In other sections of this site you will find blog posts and other content geared towards helping you get started quickly and safely online.

The main opportunities that have my full focus will always appear on this page. Once you make the decision to join the team you will also have access to regular updates and training and of course I'm always on hand if you are struggling and want to talk things through. We all need a helping hand to get going sometimes!

The Opportunities!


kulaBrands work hand in hand with entrepreneurs, inventors, and creatives to massively boost their brands. From concept to products ready to take the world stage, KulaBrands provides entrepreneurs with funding, brand creation, gap sales, marketing, and more. Using a rewards based royalty system, both kulaBrands AND the company succeed.

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Powerful Automated Money System - Easy1Up 

Easy1up is an automated digital education platform that lays out the basics of online marketing and packages it up in an online system that allows you to earn while you are learning how to build an online business.

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The mission is to be the premier source of information and education for everything bitcoin and cryptocurrency. This exclusive top of the line training is unmatched anywhere on the planet. Get your free training here

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